Hello! :)

I ship orders once every week.

About packaging:
All your orders are packed with great care. Sculptures are protected with foam, bubble wrap and/or paper and they travel inside a cardboard box to protect them from any possible damage.

I worry about the enviroment and I think it's a joined individual effort to find ecofriendly alternatives. Most of the materials I use to pack your orders are reused. Over time I've set a little net of eco-friends that save their supplies for me, so I can recycle them with your orders. Sustainability starts by prolonging the life of materials and reusing what we already have. Maybe you can give those materials a third life!

I ship internationally! Please know there are 2 shipping options:

- The shipping option that by default appears when you place an order is shipping registered mail by postal service. All packages will be sent via Correos Spain with a tracking number (for both, national and international orders).

Normal postal service is more affordable, but sometimes it can present delays.

- There's a second option that you can ask for, before or right after your purchase: shipping via courier DHL for international orders / MRW for national orders. This option has an extra cost but ensures packages will get faster to their destination, only within a few days. The information for your tracked parcel is update with great frequency - you'll know where your parcel is at all times and you'll be notified when it is getting home! Packages shipped via courier are treated with care. If you're willing to invest a little bit more on shipping, I personally highly recommend this option to ship artworks :) 

Before making a decision and in order to know how much shipping via courier would be, you can write to me ([email protected] or via this shop) and I'll weight your parcel and calculate the price to your destination. Then you can decide which option suits you better :)

If there's any problem with your order, please send me a message and I'll get back to you as soon as possible :)

Thank you!